Magnetic Separation Equipment

Stearns Suspended Permanent Magnets

  • Standard permanent magnet sizes ranging from 18” to 48” (457 to 1220 mm) to accommodate most belt widths
  • Optimized for shallower burden depths with less dense material in mineral concentrators, shredders, consumer waste, wood, glass and tire recycling, grains, fertilizers and food industries
  • Cost effective and low maintenance separation solution
  • No power supply required
  • Multiple installation options available
  • Cross belt or in-line options
  • Automatic or manual discharge options
  • Ceramic magnet standard with rare earth magnet design available
  • Magnetic circuit design maximizes magnetic penetration, provides positive and economic results
  • Eliminates DC power requirements
  • Eliminates coils, oil tanks and wiring
  • Remain energized at 99% efficiency


  • Double pass system incorporates cross-belt separator which provides the initial tramp iron removal and a magnetic pulley at the head of the conveyor belt to remove any fine splatter and shot
  • Used primarily in mining operations where some of the tramp is non-magnetic but is just as damaging. The magnet will remove the iron and steel objects.
  • Combination magnetic units are frequently installed for foundry sand cleaning systems