Magnet Controls

DC Power Rectifiers

Ohio Magnetics’ DC Power Supplies for lifting magnets are available in both a fixed voltage output (usually 230 VDC or 115 VDC) and a variable voltage output (usually 0-230 VDC or 0-300 VDC). Fixed voltage output type DC Power Supplies are used in most general magnet applications. Variable voltage supplies are used in applications of fanning, boost/carry, flux reduction, constant flux regulation, etc.

  • North American or international input voltages; 3 phases; 50 or 60 Hz
  • Magnetic line starter with 3-phase overload relay protection
  • Option: Manual line starter with 3-phase overload protection (may be eliminated if controlled externally)
  • Adjustable taps on power transformers to match input line conditions
  • Fast acting fuse protection
  • Transient surge protection
  • AC power on indicator light (neon)
  • Wall mounted enclosures up to 10 KW, floor mounted enclosures above 10 KW
  • 110/120 V (North America) or 220/240 (international) control voltage for input switching and operation of accessories
  • Modular diodes/SCR for easy replacement
  • Separate 230 V supply for controllers on all variable voltage supplies
  • NEMA 4 or 12 standard enclosure natural convention

Optional Features

  • Circuit breakers disconnect (local or remote)
  • Variable voltage: – 0-230 V system for flux reduction, fanning, current/voltage regulation applications – 0-300 V systems for boost /carry, current/voltage regulation applications
  • Power relay for operation of controller lift/drop coil from 110/120 (North America) or 220/240 (international) via pendant control
  • Special requests available: please contact factory
    • NEMA 3R – IP32
    • NEMA 12 – IP55
    • NEMA 4 – IP66
    • NEMA 4X – IP66


DC Power Supplies Rectifiers