Parts & Service/Remanufacture

Ohio Magnetics Remag Program

Ohio Magnetics offers a rebuild program for most lifting and separation magnets regardless the manufacturer. Our rebuilds meet or exceed the original performance and includes inspection, testing and remanufacturing. All rewound products carry full warranties and include final energized quality test.

Economics Behind Quality Rebuilt Magnet

  • Prudent and wise investment
  • Rebuilt magnets can perform mechanically and electrically to original specifications or better
  • Ohio rebuilds averages between 15-25% of the cost of a new magnet
  • Diagnosis of magnets condition provided
  • Provide feasibility and economy of rebuild
  • Free rebuild diagnosis

Rebuild Program

  • 70+ years of experience and expertise
  • Meticulously detained shop order
  • Demanding process of rebuild calls on team of craftsmen unsurpassed in industry
  • Initial precision machining
  • Final critical and exacting welding of magnet shut
  • Every step tested mechanically, electrically and dimensionally to assure the units performance is as good as or better than originally specified


  • Covers the replacement and/or repair of any defects in parts or manufacturing which may cause equipment failure for 1 year from date of shipment
  • All failures will result in a thorough written report describing the cause of failure and full preventative maintenance techniques

Get started

  • Contact your Ohio Magnetics sales representative
  • Discuss application and needs, planned changes/upgrades in operating system
  • Shipping tags provided to arrange for magnet inspection

Preliminary Inspection

  • Detailed unit description prepared
  • Electrical readings taken
  • Thorough mechanical inspection done
  • Photo documentation of project
  • Initial inspection determines whether magnet must be opened
  • Preliminary suggested course of action made with estimates quoted

Possible Courses of Action

Three basic courses of action possible

  • Bake out:
    • Moisture inside magnet may cause the malfunction
    • Bake out magnet and run an 8-hour heat cycle analysis
    • Simple low-cost cation may only be necessary
    • 3–7-day turnaround time
  • Terminal replacement:
    • Bad terminal problems
    • Replace leads and terminals and return unit for a normal charge
    • 3–7-day turnaround time
  • Teardown:
    • Open the unit to evaluate the potential for complete rebuild and economic feasibility
    • Detailed engineering evaluation outlines all procedures to be take and extent of repairs needed
    • Cost efficiency is the guide and re-use as much of the original unit as possible
    • Written recommendation and detailed quote supplied

Note: We will communicate as soon as possible if old magnet is beyond repair or rebuild not feasible.


  • Includes cost to rebuild magnet back to original manufacturing specs
  • Details on probably cause of unit’s failure
  • Suggested actions to prevent repeat failures
  • Procedures to improve magnet performance

If original design is outmoded, offer suggestions to upgrade and quote on improvements and alternatives