Magnetic Separation Equipment

Stearns Magnetic Sweepers

Model MSI (light-duty)

The light-duty Model MSI Floor Sweeper is ideal for quick pick-up of nails, staples, wire and any discarded ferrous metal debris. These magnetic floor sweepers come with durable rubber wheels and powerful magnets that feature a pulling force of up to 8 Lbs. Standard widths: 24″, 36″ and 48″.

Model YSI

Save costly tire damage and maintenance with Stearns Permanent Magnet Yard sweepers. Collect hazardous tramp metal while you work. These magnetic yard sweepers attach to any vehicle bumper in seconds and are equipped with eye bolts for easy mounting. Standard Sizes: 48″ through 96″.

Model FLS

This clamp-on permanent magnet readily adapts to any forklift to become a magnetic floor sweeper in seconds. The magnet can then maneuver around machines and under overhanging obstacles. Use indoors or outdoors and unit is easily installed by one person. Standard Sizes: 36″ through 96″.

Self-Contained Road Sweepers

Model MRS

Keep your rolling equipment maintenance costs down with these simple to operate and cost-effective road sweepers. Easily towed behind vehicles, these permanent magnet road sweepers keep loading dock areas, paved or unpaved roadways free of nails and other harmful tramp iron.

Features include:

  • Adjustable 2″-6″ Clearance
  • Self-Contained Debris Carrying Pans
  • Adjustable Towbar
  • All Weather Resistant Construction
  • Standard Sizes: 72″ and 96″

Model ERS-96

Ideal for large surfaces, these extra-large 96″ powerful electro-magnets remove all sizes of harmful tramp metals. Completely self-contained, powered by either a gas or diesel generator, this unit can be towed in and around a plant or other area to clean floor surfaces that can’t be cleaned by smaller road sweeper designs. Made to operate in all weather conditions and easy to maintain, Stearns electromagnetic road sweepers feature:

  • Remote Controls allow operator to energize or de-energize magnet without stopping tow vehicle.
  • Compact Design with its low center of gravity makes this unit ideal for use at airports, shipyards, warehouses and plant floors.