HISTORY – Ohio Magnetics, Inc. has designed and manufactured lifting magnet systems and magnetic separation equipment since 1917. Our Stearns™ brand of magnetic separation and detection equipment have been produced and used by thousands of customers worldwide. Ohio Magnetics, Inc. is recognized as a world leader in the development of lifting magnet systems and magnetic separation equipment for various applications.

APPLICATION EXPERTISE – Ohio Magnetics offers a complete range of magnetic lifting systems and magnetic separation equipment. Magnetic lifting systems range from cast to fabricated housings with aluminum and copper windings that can handle almost any ferrous metal handling application. Stearns branded magnetic separation equipment provides solutions for ferrous metals ranging from permanent magnets, electromagnets and control systems for extreme environments. With a wealth of practical experience and manufacturing expertise, Ohio Magnetics works closely with customers to meet their unique needs and develop innovative solutions that improve magnetic system productivity. Drawing on years of application expertise, we can help you select the optimum magnet system for your application.

QUALITY MANUFACTURING – For more than 100 years, Ohio Magnetics has designed and manufactured quality magnetic lifting systems and magnetic separation equipment, becoming a world leader recognized for industry excellence.

EXPERT TECHNICAL SUPPORT – Ohio Magnetics provides the most comprehensive technical services in the Industry, from an optimum magnet design for your application to proper use and handling for peak performance and longevity to evaluating your needs and helping with system deployment.

CUSTOM MADE SOLUTIONS –The Ohio Magnetics team, equipped with a century of technical experience, provides custom engineered solutions to meet specific application requirements. Ohio Magnetics is a worldwide leader in the development of magnet systems for the recycling industry.

REPAIR & REBUILD – Ohio Magnetics has a full-service magnet repair and rebuild facility with experienced engineers and technicians available for fast turnaround on all makes and models of magnet systems. Our craftsman will rebuild magnets to match or exceed its original performance specifications.

MADE IN U.S.A. – All Ohio Magnetics products are manufactured in our 115,000 sq. ft. facility in Maple Heights, Ohio and sold both domestic and globally.