Electromagnetic Suspended Separators / Electric Suspended Magnets

Stearns’ powerful Suspended Separation Magnets provide the big pull for fast moving burdens. Patented electromagnet designs offer the most effective ferrous metal removal for your product. These magnets develop a powerful, broad and deep-reaching magnetic field that thoroughly probes and efficiently removes tramp iron from materials in process. They’re lighter, smaller, more powerful, and run cooler than comparable competitor models. These features are possible because of Stearns’ iso-geometric design and construction, putting efficient coil cooling together with a deep, concentrated magnetic field in an extremely compact enclosure, resulting in powerful metal removal.

Stearns over-the-belt magnets can be suspended over belt conveyors or over non-magnetic sections of vibrating feeders, oscillating conveyors, chutes and screens. Stearns’ magnet circuit design minimizes flux leakage, and gives you more usable magnetic power than ordinary permanent suspended magnets, to safely handle hotter materials than electro magnets. Three styles are available, in standard widths for conveyors ranging from 16″ wide to 84″ wide:

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Standard Over-the-Belt Applications | In-Line Applications | Cross-Belt Applications

Product Features

  • Deep, powerful magnetic field maximizes ferrous recovery

  • Available in widths from 16″ to 90″

  • Easy to install, without modifying existing lines

  • In-line and cross-belt separators allow automatic discharge of collected tramp iron into suitable receptacles

  • Rugged, 100% duty cycle design and construction

  • Low maintenance, easy installation and operation

  • Operates in hazardous environments

  • High efficiency means energy cost savings

  • Special magnet features and options:

  • Inspection and access doors

  • Trolley suspension

  • Cable suspension

  • Steel clad belts (Flex-Tuff)

  • Zero-speed switches

  • Air-cooled or oil-cooled magnetics

  • 2-Pulley and 4-Pulley construction

  • Custom painting

  • Totally-enclosed, removable dust-proof housings for self-cleaning magnets

Industrial Applications

  • Reliable Tramp Iron Removal from Fast-Moving Conveyors in Processing Industries for:

  • Purification of Product or Ingredient for Higher-Quality End Products (e.g., foundry sand, glass cullet, grain, food products and chemicals)

  • Protection of Processing Equipment (e.g., crushers, pulverizers, conveyor belts and screens)

  • Reclamation of Ferrous or Non-Ferrous Material (e.g., open hearth and blast furnace slag, incinerators and garbage plants)

  • Salvage of Valuable Items (e.g., tools, cutter bits and machinery parts)

Available Options

2-Pulley Low-Profile Self-Cleaning Magnet

Stearns has engineered this magnet for ferrous removal applications with restricted ceiling clearances. The stainless steel cleated rubber belt easily carries away and discharges tramp metal from fast-moving conveyors. The rigid Channel-Beam construction and 100% magnet duty cycle design make this electromagnet excel under heavy continuous operation.

  • Self-cleaning magnet

  • Compact design

  • Ideal for restricted ceilings

  • Oil-cooled or air-cooled models

4-Pulley Space-Saving Self-Cleaning Magnet

Stearns’ 4-pulley design has a stainless steel cleated rubber belt that easily carries away large tramp metal from fast-moving conveyors. The very compact design and heavy Channel-Beam frame construction make this a versatile electromagnet for many over-the-belt applications.

  • Self-cleaning magnet

  • Very compact design

  • Oil-cooled or air-cooled designs

Dust Housing Option

Optional total enclosure is a requirement for high dust and hazardous environments. Stearns’ housing design provides magnet coverage without sacrificing performance or space.

  • Access doors for easy maintenance

Armor-Clad Flex-Tuff Belt

This optional belt is 97% protected with Stearns’ exclusive stainless steel interleafed wear plate design. This feature provides protection and prolongs long belt life in heavy-duty applications where ordinary rubber belts can’t take the abuse.

  • Ultimate belt durability

  • Maximum belt width protection

Permanent Cross –Belt Separators | Permanent In-Line Separators

For an extra measure of protection from tramp iron, or for increased product cleaning, combination magnetic units are frequently installed. This is especially the case in foundry sand cleaning systems. A typical double pass system would incorporate a cross-belt separator, which would provide the initial tramp iron removal, and a magnetic pulley at the head of the conveyor belt to remove any fine splatter and shot. Another type of dual protection system utilizes a parallel-mounted magnet or cross-belt separator and a Stearns high sensitivity Metal Detector. This is used primarily in mining operations where some of the “tramp” is non-magnetic, but is just as damaging. The magnet will remove the iron and steel objects, and farther up the conveyor line the Stearns Metal Detector will unerringly detect the presence of non-ferrous metals such as manganese steel, stainless steel and brass.

  • Provides the ultimate in “Tramp Iron” removal and protection!

  • Rare Earth Magnet design available upon request

  • Available in wide range of models to fit your applications

  • Belt Widths ranging from 32″ to 54″