Magnetic Separation Equipment

Stearns Suspended Electromagnet Magnets

  • Standard electromagnet sizes ranging from 25” to 110” (635 to 2795 mm) to accommodate most belt widths
  • Efficiently removes ferrous material through denser process flows, greater burden depths and at higher belt speeds
  • Continuous duty cycle of 100%
  • Multiple installation options available
  • Powerful, broad and deep-reaching magnetic field that probes and efficiently removes tramp iron from materials
  • Iso-geometric design and construction, putting efficient coil cooling together with a deep, concentrated magnetic field in an extremely compact enclosure, resulting in powerful metal removal
  • Magnet circuit design minimizes flux leakage, and gives you more usable magnetic power than permanent suspended magnets
  • Handle hot materials more efficiently
  • Cross belt or in-line options
  • Automatic or manual discharge options
  • Rugged, 100% duty cycle design and construction
  • High efficiency means energy cost savings


  • Over-the-belt magnets can be suspended over belt conveyors or over non-magnetic sections of vibrating feeders, oscillating conveyors, chutes and screens.
  • Reliable tramp iron removal from fast-moving conveyors in processing industries for:
    • Purification of product or ingredient for higher-quality end products (e.g., foundry sand, glass cullet, grain, food products and chemicals)
    • Protection of processing equipment (e.g., crushers, pulverizes, conveyor belts and screens)
    • Reclamation of ferrous or non-ferrous material (e.g., open hearth and blast furnace slag, incinerators and garbage plants)
    • Salvage of valuable items (e.g., tools, cutter bits and machinery parts)