Lifting Magnet Systems

Steel Handling Magnets


Powerful and easily portable VERS-A-LIFTTM magnets are ideal for cranes to efficiently lift, hold and place steel materials.

  • Available in standard 115 VDC voltage or with built-in rectifiers for 115 VAC
  • Models with built in rectifiers can be plugged directly into 115 VAC wall outlets
  • Separate rectifiers are also offered for DC rated magnets
  • Attaches quickly and easily with 1 inch I.D. lifting ring
  • Efficient lift, hold and place material handlers
  • Lifting capacities range from 350 to 6,320 lbs. (150 to 2,900 kg)
  • Available in diameters of 4″, 7″, 10″, 12″, & 15″ diameters inches (100 to 380 mm)
  • Used in multiples with spreader beams for transporting thin long sheet steel (flex or bow)
  • Adaptable to your power source

Industrial Applications

  • Machined steel parts
  • Machine workpiece loading and unloading
  • Sheets, plates, castings and scrap/burnouts


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Ohio Magnetics VERS-A-LIFT