Steel Mill and Metal Processing Magnets

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VERS-A-LIFT™ Magnets

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Our VERS-A-LIFT series of lifting magnets are powerful, easily portable models, available to users with or without a rectifier. Vers-A-Lift magnets are efficient lift, hold and place material handlers, and can be used anywhere inside or outside your facility.

  • Lifting capacities range from 350 to 6,320 lbs. (150 to 2,900 kg)

  • Available in diameters of 4″, 7″, 10″, 12″, & 15″ diameters inches (100 to 380 mm)

  • Ideal for cranes, they attach quickly and easily with 1 inch I.D. lifting ring.

  • Models with built in rectifiers can be plugged directly into 115 VAC wall outlets

  • Available in Standard DC voltage or with built-in rectifiers

  • Separate rectifiers are also offered

Industrial Applications

  • Machined Steel Parts

  • Machine Work-piece Loading and Unloading

  • Sheets, Plates, Castings and Scrap / Burn-Outs

Heavy Duty Fabricated Rectangular Magnets

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Our Heavy Duty Fabricated Rectangular Magnets are custom-engineered for specific applications in the handling of various metal shapes, structural products and other steel mill-type uses. The low power consumption and Class 220C insulated coils ensure that these magnets provide immediate and profitable productivity.

  • Heavy Duty fabricated case design

  • Capable of lifting both single plates and multiple plates

  • Low power consumption magnet

  • Available in variety of Plate Area Sizes

  • Copper wound coils as standard design, available for hot-work applications and added lifting capacity; Aluminum wound coils also available

  • Capable of lifting both single plates and multiple plates

  • Class 220C insulated coils

  • 230 VDC standard, special voltages available

  • Hot Work application designs available

  • Energy efficient design

Industrial Applications

  • Handling Sheets, Plates and Billets

  • Handling Bars, Bundles and Structural Steel

  • Other Steel Mill Transfer uses

Heavy Duty Cast Case Rectangular Magnets

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Our Ohio Cast-Case Rectangular Magnets are suited to the most extreme environmental conditions like those found in steel mills. These rugged, heavy duty magnets are designed specifically to stand up to the most demanding conditions

  • Heavy Duty cast case construction

  • Available in variety of sizes

  • Lifting Capability Range – 7,000 to 47,000 lbs

  • Copper wound coils are standard design, available for hot-work applications

  • 230 VDC standard, special voltages available by request

Industrial Applications

  • Severe Mill Applications

  • Slab Turning

  • Slab & Ingot Handling (Hot Work construction available)

  • Billet & Boom Handling (Hot Work construction available)

  • Structural Product & Bundles (Hot Work construction available)

Bi-polar Magnets

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Ohio’s Bi-Polar Lifting Magnets do more than lift steel. They lift your profitability. These magnets handle finished and semi-finished steel and structural products. More importantly, they handle them without slinging, blocking and hooking operations. And Ohio Bi-Polar Lifting Magnets feature efficient, low-amp draw designs that cut energy costs every day. Add a price that is always reasonable and you’re looking at today’s superior value in lifting magnets.

Ohio provides a wide spectrum of standard and special bi-polar magnet designs with options to meet any application. These designs uniquely handle higher-temperature material than a standard rectangular magnet through a specially positioned magnet coil. A specifically designed internal construction – just the right balance of wire to steel – develops maximum flux density for heavy-duty lifting with minimum power consumption. Furthermore, Ohio’s bi-polar magnets use fewer square inches of magnet pole to contact the load, substantially reducing heat transfer and thus retaining maximum lifting capacity.

  • 100% lifting area with a virtual uniform field across the entire length of the magnet

  • Heavy-duty magnet construction

  • Pole shoe lengths from 24” to 100” or to any special length required

  • Handles higher temperature material compared to standard rectangular magnets.

  • Low power consumption

  • 230 VDC Standard; special voltages available on request

  • Custom designed pole shoes for radial or irregular shapes

  • Renewable or auxiliary pole shoes can be supplied for all sizes.

  • Designs available for hot-work applications

Typical Industrial Applications

  • Versatile magnet design for various mill applications

  • Easily lifts and transports Plates, Billets (hot and cold) Coils (eye vertical and horizontal), Bundles, Rebar, Rails, Tubes, Pipes and Structural products

CL Type – Coil Handling Magnets

Download CL Type Coil Handling Magnet Information

Our Ohio CL Type Coil Handling magnets are designed and engineered to handle coils more efficiently. CL type magnets will reduce damage to coils, handle coils more expeditiously and require less stocking area. With designs available to handle loads of up to 55 tons, Ohio provides a broad array of magnet designs and accessories to meet virtually any coil handling need.

  • Custom designed for the handling of specific size coils in the eye vertical position

  • Designs available for handling coils up to 55 Tons

  • Special multiple coil and pole shoe design to maximize lifting power

  • 230 VDC standard; special voltages available by request

Typical Industrial Applications

  • Hot Work Construction available for Coil Annealing Process

  • Handling specifically-sized coils (eye vertical)