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Ohio Magnetics and Stearns Magnetics are world leaders in the development of lifting magnet systems and magnetic separation equipment for the steel, scrap processing, recycling, mining and rail industries. Established in 1917, Ohio Magnetics, Inc. is one of the oldest magnet manufacturing companies in the U.S.


Ohio Magnetics produces standard and specialized circular, bipolar and rectangular lifting magnets as well as power supplies, including rectifiers, power takeoff, hydraulic-driven generators and magnet controls. We offer a full-service repair shop.


Stearns Magnetics manufactures magnetic separation equipment, including standard and alternating pole magnetic drums for auto shedders, electric or permanent over-the-belt magnets, magnetic pulleys, and specialized wet or dry magnetic separators.


Ohio Magnetics Inc. is ISO 9001:2008 quality certified.


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Lifting Magnets

     – Scrap Processing Magnets

     – Lifting and Auxiliary Magnets

     – Steel Mill Magnets

Duty-Cycle™ Magnet Controllers

Duty-Cycle™ Rectifiers / Power Supplies

Duty-Cycle™ Generators

Safety Disconnect Switches

Battery Back-Up / Emergency Power

Ohio Repairs and Parts

     – Ohio Remag Program

Magnet Selector Guide

Power Equipment Guide


Sample Lifting Applications:

Steel Mill Type

     – Steel Mills
     – Steel Service Centers / Warehouses

Scrap Processing & Auxiliary

     – Slag Processors / Mill Service
     – Scrap Processors
     – Crane Manufacturers and End Users
     – Railroads
     – Foundries
     – Metal Fabricators
     – Shipbuilders


ARTICLE: "Need A Lift?" (selecting a magnet for scrap handling) (reprinted with permission from Recycling Today, June 2009 issue)

Magnetic Separators

     – Drum Separators

     – Pulverized Material Drum Separators

     – Wet Drum Separators

     – Over-the-Belt / Suspended Separators

     – Magnetic Pulleys

     – Plate Magnets

     – Grate Magnets

     – Floor / Road Sweepers

Power Supplies

Stearns Repairs and Parts


Sample Separation Applications:

     – Mining

     – Aggregates
     – Slag Processors

     – Mill Service
     – Scrap Processors
     – Waste Recovery

     – Refuse Processing
     – Utilities

     – Power Plants
     – Pulp & Paper / Wood Chip Mills
     – Sugar Mills
     – Grain Processors
     – Cement Processors

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Work with a company that is highly attuned to your needs regarding price, delivery, aftermarket services and long-term relationship value. Get products offering low initial investment and long life combined with responsive service. Let us solve your challenges and cure your headaches. 

  • Vast Wealth of Practical Experience

  • Proven Track Record in Improving Customer Productivity and Profitability

  • Unparalleled Service to Customers

  • Innovative Leadership in Product Development

Read more about us and our long history of success.

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