Left:The Ohio Magnetic & Controller Co. 1920 (Cleveland, OH)
Right: Ohio Magnetics Manufacturing Plant (Maple Heights, OH)

Who We Are

MAGNET EXPERTS SINCE 1917… Ohio Magnetics!

For nearly one hundred years, Ohio Magnetics, Inc. has designed and manufactured lifting magnets systems and magnetic separation equipment. Our Stearns™ brand of magnetic separation and detection equipment have been produced and used by thousands of customers worldwide. Ohio Magnetics, Inc. is recognized as a world leader in the development of lifting magnets systems and magnetic separation equipment for steel production, metal fabrication, scrap, recycling, mining, and utility, foundry, waste recovery, and textile, paper/pulp and rail industries.

Ohio Magnetics, Inc. manufactures standard and specialized circular, bi-polar and rectangular lifting magnets as well as power supplies, including rectifiers, power take-off, hydraulic driven generators and magnet controls. Our Stearns™ brand of magnetic separation equipment includes electric magnetic drums for auto shredders, electric or permanent over-the-belt magnets, magnetic pulleys, specialized wet and dry magnetic separators and other specialized magnetic detection products.

Our customers know they can rely on our wealth of practical experience and manufacturing expertise to assist them develop new ways to improve magnetic system productivity. Our long-term customers know and our newest ones quickly discover that Ohio Magnetics is a company highly attuned to their needs regarding price, delivery and aftermarket services. When you do business with Ohio Magnetics, you get the products you want that provide top performance and maximum efficiency from job start-up to finish. For value added products that offer long-term service, exceptional performance and low maintenance costs… choose Stearns and Ohio Magnetics, Inc.