Lifting Magnet Systems

Scrap Handling Magnets

POW-R-LITE™ Magnets

The POW-R-LITETM Series of magnets are fabricated magnets designed for rail, construction, and material handling – a smart choice for light duty scrap and general steel plate handling.

  • Sizes 20” to 45” (508 to 1143 mm) diameter
  • Powerful, lightweight, portable for smaller equipment and factory overhead cranes
  • High duty-cycle, mechanically tough pieces of equipment
  • Low initial investment, high productivity and low maintenance costs
  • Lifting capability range – 150 to 2,500 lbs.
  • Fabricated case construction
  • Aluminum or copper wound coil designs available
  • Chain suspension standard, optional quick disconnect interface
  • 230VDC standard


  • Track sweeping/rail maintenance-of-way operations
  • Scrap handling
  • Plate handling
  • Burnout tables