Lifting Magnet Systems

Scrap Handling Magnets

Fabricated & Cast Magnet Series

Fabricated and Cast Magnets are heavy duty magnets designed for production scrap handling.

  • Sizes range from 48” to 93” (1220 to 2362 mm) diameter
  • Continuous duty cycle ratings
  • Magnet options matched to excavator mechanical and hydraulic capacity
  • Chain suspension standard, optional quick disconnect interface
  • Optional abrasion resistant surfaces for pole shoe wear protection

WF Magnets

WF Fabricated Series of lifting magnets are designed for severe-duty, tough scrap handling applications. The fabricated magnets feature deep field designs for productive and long-life solutions.

  • Copper or aluminum wound magnets for tough scrap handling applications
  • Lifting Capability Range – 550 to 10,900 lbs.
  • Heavy Duty fabricated construction
  • Deep field design providing even more powerful gripping force
  • 230 VDC standard; special voltages available by request

Industrial Applications

  • Production Scrap Handling for Severe Duty Applications

SRF Series Magnets

SRF series of steel mill-type lifting magnets are designed specifically for severe mill service applications, such as heavy drop ball handling, hot crop handling (hot-work construction), slab handling, and slag reclamation. The extra heavy fabricated steel magnet case, alloy steel lifting chains and quick-disconnect lead assemblies ensure that these magnets remain productive over a long life.

  • Available in 34”, 40″, 47″, 57″, 65,” and 69″ design diameters and custom sizes available
  • Aluminum wound coils are standard design
  • Copper wound coils available for hot-work and high impact applications
  • Available in various designs including standard, deep and extra deep field (SRED) to provide maximum gripping force
  • Quick-disconnect lead assemblies, to provide speed and ease-of-use
  • 230 VDC standard, special voltages available by request
  • Hot work designs available on request
  • Designed specifically for severe mill service applications
  • 230 VDC standard, special voltages available
  • Special designs available on request


  • Severe mill service
  • Available for hot work
  • Product Applications
    • Slag reclamation
    • Drop ball handling
    • Slab handling
    • Crop end handling
    • Ingots handling
    • Mold handling