Electromagnetic Pulleys

Our Magnetic Pulleys remove tramp Iron, even on fast conveyor lines. Stearns Electromagnetic Pulleys are designed by magnet specialists and built to the highest standards. Stearns builds a complete line of electromagnetic pulleys for removal of tramp iron in bulk materials on conveyor belts. Our electromagnetic pulleys are manufactured to rigid specifications for construction and materials to assure dependable performance, with high grade magnet wire, welded joints, steel coil covers, heavy-duty shafts, non-magnetic end rings, and a tough, cast iron housing.

Now, more than ever, with the very growing emphasis on production efficiency and reduced operation cost in industry, Stearns experience in pulley design is important to simple, effective means of magnetic separation and protection in normal material handling conveyor processes –without altering the present system. You can select a pulley that will assure positive separation of ferrous materials at belt speeds as high as 500 FPM.


  • Rugged Heavy Duty Designs

  • Deep Field Penetration

  • Available in a variety of Models from 18″ to 36″ in Diameter covering Belt Widths from 24″ to 48″ Wide

  • Can be used for Specialized Sizing and Magnetic Separation with an Ohio Magnetics/Stearns Variable Voltage Rectifier

  • Surge Voltage Protection

  • Rigid Specifications for Construction and Materials to Assure Dependable Performance

Industrial Applications

  • Tramp Metal Removal from Conveyor Systems

  • Purification and Concentration of Ores, Chemicals and Granular Products

  • Lifting and Holding Equipment for Safe Handling of Parts and Materials

Permanent Magnet Pulleys

Our STEARNS Permanent Magnet Pulleys are an easy choice. You can install one and rely on it servicing your application almost forever. Stearns’ exclusive, patented continuous “Radial Pole” design incorporates the use of unique, wedge-shaped magnets that permit packing more magnetic material into the pulley pockets. Result: Stearns pulleys provide more lines of flux and a magnetic field of maximum intensity.

These permanent magnet pulleys are application-engineered to give you exceptional performance and reliable, long-term service. These pulley products provide:

  • Quality Heavy Duty Design

  • Ceramic 8 or Rare Earth magnet design available upon request

  • Available in a variety of Models from 12″ to 48″ Diameter to match most conveyors

  • Efficient, cost-saving recovery of harmful tramp metal; Super-tough, trouble-free operation

  • Maximum power and separation, at belt speeds as high as 500 feet per minute (fpm)

  • Exclusive continuous radial pole design grabs long rod-like tramp iron across the pulley face

  • Develops especially powerful magnetic field at the center of the belt, where burden is deepest

  • Deep Field Penetration

  • No DC Power Required

  • All welded body and face construction – no bolts or screws to work loose

  • Economic, Automatic Separation

Stearns Super 710 Model Magnetic Pulleys

Our Stearns Series 710 Heavy-Duty Permanent Magnet Pulleys were specifically designed for deeper burdens and faster conveyor speeds. Prior to the
development of the powerful Series 710, costly electromagnetic pulleys were required to accomplish the same function.

  • Available in a variety of standard sizes up to 48″ in diameter and 72″ in width.

  • Incorporates a double stack of our exclusive, wedge shaped magnets.

  • A non-magnetic stainless steel shaft is standard to produce maximum magnetic attraction force.