Stearns Magnetic LD & LDA Drums

Stearns Patented Coil Designs develops deep magnetics field with minimum DC Power Cost. Our electro-magnet drum opens the way to efficiency in handling large volumes of large size material encountered in todays scrap processing and mineral concentration applications. Our panted coli construction produces a concentrated magnetic field to maximize ferrous recovery.

Our Electro-Magnetic Alternating Pole “LDA” Drum Separators offers the industry a perfect complement to the well-established Stearns Radial Pole “LD” Drum. This high performance design offers a uniform, magnetic field across the full working width of the drum for maximum efficiency, less cylinder wear and less down time. Opposing north and south poles create a vigorous agitation for superior liberation of non-ferrous waste and a clean, less contaminated product that provides you additional value.

Our Magnetic LD Drums are the answer for your heavy applications, including:

  • Scrap Shredding

  • Slag Reclamation

  • Tramp Iron Removal

  • Ore Cobbing

The drum consists of an electro-magnet assembly mounted inside an outer rotating drum assembly. The magnet assembly position, although stationary during operation, may be adjusted within certain limits to meet varying feed arrangements. These versatile products offer you:

  • Radial or Alternating Pole Designs

  • Superior Deep Field Design

  • Heavy Duty Manganese Steel Cylinders with Knock-Offs

  • Rugged Weather Proof Construction

  • 6″-8″ High Side Shields Bolted to the Drum Heads

  • 2 Piece, Heavy Duty Split-Wear Covers

  • Your Choice of Knock-Off Patterns

Stearns Magnet LDP Drum Separator

The heavy-duty construction permanent LPD Drum stands up under even the most punishing slag, blast furnace, foundry or auto scrap operations. Simple, rugged construction minimizes downtime. Sealed cylinder O-ring construction permits use in all environments.

Industrial Applications

  • Open Hearth Slag

  • Blast Furnace and BOF Slag

  • Foundries

  • Auto Fragmentizing and Processing

Permanent Magnetic Drum Separator

Models for Closed-Access Chutes or Spouts

Stearns’ Ceramic 8 or Rare Earth Magnetic Drum Separator provides automatic and continuous removal of tramp in process industries such as chemicals, plastics, ceramics, rubber, grain, foods, tobacco, minerals and elsewhere, wherever granular or pulverized materials are conveyed in closed chutes or spouts. The Ceramic 8 or Rare Earth Drum Separator continuously and automatically removes tramp iron, carries it out of the material flow and returns a clean product to the production process. Its very high holding power at the drum surface assures positive holding and transportation of tramp iron particles.

  • Series 510 (Drum Only): Supplied without housings; can be installed directly in spout system or equipped with special enclosure to meet custom needs.

  • Series 520 (2-Stage Separation): Provides openings for discharge of tramp iron and clean product in an integral housing for vertical spouting systems.

  • Series 530 (3-Stage Separation): Provides external flanged openings for convenient mounting in angular spouting systems.

Industrial Applications

  • Tramp Iron Removal in Process Industries with Granular or Pulverized Materials, including Chemicals, Plastics, Ceramics, Rubber, Grain, Foods, Tobacco and Minerals.

Product Features

  • Very high holding power at drum surface assures positive holding and transportation of tramp iron particles

  • Offered in standard drum diameters of 12″, 15″, 18″ and 24″, and in standard drum widths ranging from 8″ to 48″ (Custom Sizes are also available upon request)

  • Factory-sealed bearings

  • Optional spouting arrangements

  • Direct gear-motor drive – safer; eliminates belts, chains and sprockets

  • Flanged housing to mount easily in any spouting system

  • Totally enclosed, dust-protective housing; no large seals required on O.D. of drum

  • Ceramic 8 or Rare Earth magnet assembly – light weight; great resistance to de-magnetization