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Magnet Drum Separators

Permanent Magnet and Electromagnetic Heavy Duty Drums for a Wide Range of Heavy Duty Industrial Applications Requiring Maximum Magnetic Recovery.


Electromagnetic Drum Separators

Electromagnetic Drum Separator for Open-Access Processing

    Radial Pole LD Drum Separator for Open-Access Processing

    Axial Pole LD Drum Separator for Open-Access Processing


Permanent Magnet Drum Separators

LDP Magnet Drum Separator for Open-Access Processing

Series 510/520/530 Ceramic 8 Drum Separator for Closed-Access Processing


Stearns' products remove unwanted metals and protect your valuable equipment with unsurpassed efficiency and economy. Superior design and outstanding engineering combine to offer some of the most respected magnetic products on the market. All the most desirable features developed over the years have been incorporated into Stearns' Magnet Drum Separators. And, these drum separators come in a wide range of sizes to match your processing system.


st_color16_drum_sep.jpg (459450 bytes)  ld_drum_sep.jpg (322679 bytes)


We study, recommend and build complete ferrous magnetic separators for use within your total system. By analyzing your flow sheets and material, we will provide you with the best magnetic equipment for your application. Our technology is available for designing over 95% ferrous recovery, at minimum cost. You receive a true consulting approach from Stearns, because magnetics is our only business.







Models for Open-Access Processing

Electromagnetic Drum Separator

Stearns' Electromagnetic Drum Separator opens the way to new efficiency in handling big volumes of large-size material encountered in today's material processing and mineral concentration applications. The patented coil construction produces a much deeper field than can be produced on electro or permanent pulleys or any other type of magnetic drum separator. In addition, the magnetic collecting pole area has been increased to give the drum greater ability to carry heavy magnetic loads. The surface holding force developed by this drum is also higher than any drum or magnetic pulley. The Stearns Electromagnetic Drum Separator not only achieves better separation than was previously possible but also extends the range of magnetic treatment to meet larger and more service requirements.


Typical Applications

  • Foundries

  • Blast Furnace and BOF Slag

  • Open Hearth Slag

  • Dry Magnetite Ore Cobbing

  • Auto Fragmentizing and Processing



  • Deep, powerful magnet assembly, combined with high surface holding power

    • Deep field pattern, improved surface area and greater magnetic pole area

    • Extended range of magnetic treatment

  • Simple installation and minimum space requirements

  • Low DC power costs and extremely efficient performance

  • Rugged construction for virtually maintenance-free operation

  • Sealed cylinder O-ring construction -- a "must" for unprotected outdoor operation

  • Heavy-duty, weatherproof manganese-steel cylinder

  • Low drive HP requirements

  • Steel support bearings

  • Flexibility in application



Radial Pole LD Drum Separator

st_color19_ldp_drum.jpg (259393 bytes)Stearns Type LD Drum Separators are the magnetic answer to heavy industrial applications such as tramp iron removal, slag treatment, ore cobbing and scrap fragmentizing. The patented Stearns LD Drum Separator construction introduces users with heavy-duty materials processing and mineral concentration requirements to a new device that provides superior separation capabilities than competing units. The LD Drum consists of an electromagnetic assembly mounted inside an outer rotating drum assembly. The magnet assembly position may be adjusted to meet varying feed and burden requirements. Its deeper magnetic field pattern, improved surface holding force and greater magnetic pole area achieves better separation than has previously been possible.


Model / 



(cu. ft./hr.)



















(NOTE: Assumes that 100 lbs. per cu. ft. material is being handled. For slag handling, these capacity figures should be reduced by 35-to-50 percent of volume basis. In iron ore concentration and cobbing, feed rate should be reduced to 50 percent of volume indicated.) 


View catalog pages on Magnetic Drums (PDF file)




Axial Pole LD Drum Separator

Axial_Pole_LD_Drum_SeparatorStearns' improved electromagnetic Axial Pole LD Drum Separator offers the industry a perfect complement to the well-established Stearns Radial Pole LD Drum Separator. The new, high-performance design offers a more uniform, steady magnetic field across the full width of the drum for maximum efficiency, less cylinder wear and less downtime. Opposing north and south poles create vigorous agitation for superior liberation of non-ferrous waste and a clean, less contaminated product that provides additional value.


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LDP Drum Separator

LDP_Drum_SeparatorThe heavy-duty construction permanent magnet LDP Drum Separators stand up under even the most punishing slag, blast furnace, foundry or auto scrap operations. Simple, rugged construction minimizes downtime. Sealed cylinder O-ring construction permits use in all environments. Heavy-duty manganese-steel cylinders stand up to even the most punishing slag or auto scrap operations.


Typical Applications

  • Open Hearth Slag

  • Blast Furnace and BOF Slag

  • Foundries

  • Auto Fragmentizing and Processing



  • Deep, powerful permanent magnet assembly

  • Heavy duty, weatherproof manganese cylinder

  • Cast, heavy duty non-magnetic heads

  • Sealed anti-friction bearings

  • Low drive HP requirements

  • Simple installation -- minimum space

  • Shaft clamps included

  • Magnet adjusting arm

  • Flexibility of applications

  • Drum cleats (when required)


View catalog pages on Magnetic Drums (PDF file)




Models for Closed-Access Chutes or Spouts

pmdrumsep.jpg (137077 bytes)Ceramic 8 Drum Separator

Stearns' Ceramic 8 Drum Separator provides automatic and continuous removal of tramp in process industries such as chemicals, plastics, ceramics, rubber, grain, foods, tobacco, minerals and elsewhere, wherever granular or pulverized materials are conveyed in closed chutes or spouts. The Ceramic 8 Drum Separator continuously and automatically removes tramp iron, carries it out of the material flow and returns a clean product to the production process. Its very high holding power at the drum surface assures positive holding and transportation of tramp iron particles.


Series 510 (Drum Only): Supplied without housings; can be installed directly in spout system or equipped with special enclosure to meet custom needs.

Series 520 (2-Stage Separation): Provides openings for discharge of tramp iron and clean product in an integral housing for vertical spouting systems.

Series 530 (3-Stage Separation): Provides external flanged openings for convenient mounting in angular spouting systems.

Typical Applications

  • Tramp Iron Removal in Process Industries with Granular or Pulverized Materials

    • Chemicals

    • Plastics

    • Ceramics

    • Rubber

    • Grain

    • Foods

    • Tobacco

    • Minerals



  • Very high holding power at drum surface assures positive holding and transportation of tramp iron particles

  • Offered in standard drum diameters of 12", 15", 18" and 24", and in standard drum widths ranging from 8" to 48"; contact the factory to discuss proper sizing for your specific application

  • Factory-sealed bearings

  • Optional spouting arrangements

  • Direct gear-motor drive -- safer; eliminates belts, chains and sprockets

  • Flanged housing to mount easily in any spouting system

  • Totally enclosed, dust-protective housing; no large seals required on O.D. of drum

  • Ceramic 8 magnet assembly -- light weight; great resistance to de-magnetization


View catalog pages on Permanent Magnet Drum Separators ( PDF file)




To get a customized solution for your specific application, contact the factory, or talk with the Stearns rep / dealer nearest you.